Wednesday, 19 October 2011


So thats the first chapter! Of course, I may expand on that.  Ive sort of got the plot lain out in my mind.... now all thats left to do is spill it all on paper! Its all soooooo Exciting (what isnt?!) And I enjoy doing it.
   Arghhh!!!!!!!!! Now I have to do my maths homework-SO NOT EXCITING. I dont like maths. Its boring and complicated. My fave subject is English. I am v. Enthusiastic about it. Oh man , Ive g2g now. Byyeee!! :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hiya Guys , Im Writing a Chapter by chapter story. Its about a whole made up world called Ardaceous. So here goes!      
Ardaceous is in turmoil. For centuries, now , it has been. It goes back 3 centuries, back to one man called Doixeji Lopuy. No peace whatsover. The Istranism people wanted to  take over. The king at the time, King Abizu Al-Shunaud ( who me and my two sisters are descended from) said that he could only take over if he believed in God. Lopuy didn't.
    Since then , Chaos took over. The people who had 'woken up to their true nature'  and were loyal to Lopuy , became the Istranisms. The rest were loyal to King Abizu ( who said that God is the true King since He was the one who made the universe. Its True. So, Abizu called himself a 'custodian'- a piece of Gods land was placed in his 'custody') and became the Muslims- the believers. the other name they called themselves were the Ardeans.
   Abizu had a Wife , called Aabish. The lived peacefully together in their Simple Palace. The had several Sons.

     This is Afra now. More next tym! I have gotta go now :)