Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I went for a peaceful walk, and the twinkling stars were my only silent companion. I glanced back at the Edwards house, faraway now, where I could see bright light spilling from the windows, hear Georges bubbly laughter and everyone talking excitedly. I stared up at the hazy moon.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


So thats the first chapter! Of course, I may expand on that.  Ive sort of got the plot lain out in my mind.... now all thats left to do is spill it all on paper! Its all soooooo Exciting (what isnt?!) And I enjoy doing it.
   Arghhh!!!!!!!!! Now I have to do my maths homework-SO NOT EXCITING. I dont like maths. Its boring and complicated. My fave subject is English. I am v. Enthusiastic about it. Oh man , Ive g2g now. Byyeee!! :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hiya Guys , Im Writing a Chapter by chapter story. Its about a whole made up world called Ardaceous. So here goes!      
Ardaceous is in turmoil. For centuries, now , it has been. It goes back 3 centuries, back to one man called Doixeji Lopuy. No peace whatsover. The Istranism people wanted to  take over. The king at the time, King Abizu Al-Shunaud ( who me and my two sisters are descended from) said that he could only take over if he believed in God. Lopuy didn't.
    Since then , Chaos took over. The people who had 'woken up to their true nature'  and were loyal to Lopuy , became the Istranisms. The rest were loyal to King Abizu ( who said that God is the true King since He was the one who made the universe. Its True. So, Abizu called himself a 'custodian'- a piece of Gods land was placed in his 'custody') and became the Muslims- the believers. the other name they called themselves were the Ardeans.
   Abizu had a Wife , called Aabish. The lived peacefully together in their Simple Palace. The had several Sons.

     This is Afra now. More next tym! I have gotta go now :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Blog Post

Hiya every1! Recently I have been so busy, what with school starting up and everything. I have not been able to update my blog up until now.
  So , now its 7:08 ryt now. On Thursday 22nd September 2011. Tommorow is Friday (Yay!^.^) 23rd September 2011. And also the cute Youtube baby Yerin Parks B'day tomoz. Shes gonna be one yrs old! Bless her , shes so cute. Happy B'day , Yerin! :)
   Last week was the Wedding and events like mehndi , dolthee and Waleema. It was my female cousins wedding , and she looked so pretty Mash'Allah.

Friday, 2 September 2011


Books is not really the title of this blog. Although I like reading them . And am currently reading Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy. My FAVE fave book is , Of course the holy Qu'ran.
  Nwayz, I am really into Islam and Peace. I am comfortable wearing a Hijab, and I feel Peace when I am Praying to Allah SubhanaWatta'ala.
       Take hold of your Iman,
       Dont give in to Shaitaan '8
Lol thats part of a song by Zain Bhikha. Heres my Catchphrase: Islam is my Deen , Jannah is my Dream.
Hey thats given me a great idea! I can write my Poems and Stories on here! (maybe).
  Now, Im on Youtube:MissAfraX.
   OK, as Muslims say , Huda-hafiz (May Allah be with you) X

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I love Animals!

So, as you now know from this blog title , I love Animals! They really are so cute. I have a cat called Lulu (actually , shes not really ours , she just started coming to our house a couple of years ago and now she comes to snooze in our garden nearly everyday) Aww bless the lil cutie Mash'Allah!
      In 2005 me and family went to Pakistan for an Uncles wedding. I didnt realise untill my sister told me later , but we went on the 13th of March, one day before my birthday. And for a b'day present from my Mums Brother , I got a chick! Yes , a real chick! It was really cute and fluffy and Pink. Yes , really1 I named it Pinky. But sadly , while I was visiting some other relatives, a bird swooped down and gobbled up my chick! :(
    When we came back home from Pakistan, a friend came over with a Rabbit! It looked really sweet and she told us that it was a female and her name was Vanilla. Perfect name for a white rabbit :) A couple of days later a new rabbit came , Vanillas mum Roxy. she had babies (Vanillas siblings-Aww) 3 new Rabbits! We were ecstatic. We named them Chip , Lavender and Ice. Some time later a fox ate them :( and the others ran away. A pity , since we really loved them.
   So then , we had no pets but Lulu , and she wasnt really ours , she belonged to someone who lived nearby.
      Did you know , the girl band the Saturdays have nine dogs altogether? Well , now you do! :)
 There are Pudding and Tiger , owned by Rochelle. Peaches and George are owned by Vanessa. Frankie has Pixie and Presley. Mollie has Alfie ,and Una has two dogs Jacson and Bono. They are of course , different breeds of Dogs. Theyre really cute Mash'Allah :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I have just gotten round to showing my sister the post I made two days ago. Shes was like 'I hope I dont get bored'. Pity we dont have the same interests.... Ah well , never mind. I feel pretty Random right now , which explains the post title. But I hope to make it a little longer than the last one.
     Anyway , , I actually forgot what I was gonna write then. Ohh :( never mind. Btw , It doesnt matter if nobody views my blogs, I am still gonna write them. Just 'cause its fun for me. I absolutely LOVE writing! Oh ,  and heres a random fact: Im going to go into year 10 in a couple of weeks. I wonder what its gonna be like.... year ten... heres my options I've chosen: History, Drama, Expressive Arts and German. If you were wondering what Expressive Arts is , its just the same as Drama plus dance, creative writing and art.
   I feel like daydreaming! But dont ask me, I've a feeling I might just embarras myself if I do! (Dont ask what me what I was daydreaming about).
 I feel really excited about PotterMore coming in October. I have read all of the Harry Potter books, they are awesome! PotterMore is the new website by JKRowling. In case you were wondering. Which you probably weren't. But still. I've seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 3D  at Cineworld.... And it was amazing! I really am thankfull to my sister Huria for taking me.
 Moving on from Harry Potter, I also feel bubbly excitement twisting up inside me when I think of the cute and kitsch Jewelry brand Temporary:Secretary! I dont know why. I just do...Lol! Im following Temporary:Secretary on Blogspot aswell. Just wanted you to know that. Random!
                  Ok, Bye for now! Afra :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hiya Peeps! Afra here, and this is my new blog. I feel super excited about it! How are you all? I hope your enjoying the summer hols. As you have probably guessed, I like daydreaming! I also like being creative, reading ( my sister Huria calls me a bookbug and says I eat the pages! Because Im a fast reader I guess ) and writing. I like fashion ( MODEST fashion , mind you ) and make-up. My sister always like giving me make-overs. I absolutely LOVE sleepovers , they are soo fun! I have all the time in the holidays with my cousins Fay and Afshh. Ok , bye 4 now!
 P.S  I am a Muslim.