Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hiya Guys , Im Writing a Chapter by chapter story. Its about a whole made up world called Ardaceous. So here goes!      
Ardaceous is in turmoil. For centuries, now , it has been. It goes back 3 centuries, back to one man called Doixeji Lopuy. No peace whatsover. The Istranism people wanted to  take over. The king at the time, King Abizu Al-Shunaud ( who me and my two sisters are descended from) said that he could only take over if he believed in God. Lopuy didn't.
    Since then , Chaos took over. The people who had 'woken up to their true nature'  and were loyal to Lopuy , became the Istranisms. The rest were loyal to King Abizu ( who said that God is the true King since He was the one who made the universe. Its True. So, Abizu called himself a 'custodian'- a piece of Gods land was placed in his 'custody') and became the Muslims- the believers. the other name they called themselves were the Ardeans.
   Abizu had a Wife , called Aabish. The lived peacefully together in their Simple Palace. The had several Sons.

     This is Afra now. More next tym! I have gotta go now :)

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