Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I love Animals!

So, as you now know from this blog title , I love Animals! They really are so cute. I have a cat called Lulu (actually , shes not really ours , she just started coming to our house a couple of years ago and now she comes to snooze in our garden nearly everyday) Aww bless the lil cutie Mash'Allah!
      In 2005 me and family went to Pakistan for an Uncles wedding. I didnt realise untill my sister told me later , but we went on the 13th of March, one day before my birthday. And for a b'day present from my Mums Brother , I got a chick! Yes , a real chick! It was really cute and fluffy and Pink. Yes , really1 I named it Pinky. But sadly , while I was visiting some other relatives, a bird swooped down and gobbled up my chick! :(
    When we came back home from Pakistan, a friend came over with a Rabbit! It looked really sweet and she told us that it was a female and her name was Vanilla. Perfect name for a white rabbit :) A couple of days later a new rabbit came , Vanillas mum Roxy. she had babies (Vanillas siblings-Aww) 3 new Rabbits! We were ecstatic. We named them Chip , Lavender and Ice. Some time later a fox ate them :( and the others ran away. A pity , since we really loved them.
   So then , we had no pets but Lulu , and she wasnt really ours , she belonged to someone who lived nearby.
      Did you know , the girl band the Saturdays have nine dogs altogether? Well , now you do! :)
 There are Pudding and Tiger , owned by Rochelle. Peaches and George are owned by Vanessa. Frankie has Pixie and Presley. Mollie has Alfie ,and Una has two dogs Jacson and Bono. They are of course , different breeds of Dogs. Theyre really cute Mash'Allah :)

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