Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Islam Is Peace

I am a Muslim,  I absolutely love my religion!I feel safe and proud when I wear my hijab. Look at that girl, she looks happy! :) So contrary to all usual assumptions,Muslim women feel liberated and proud to wear the hijab. She wears it becauseshe wants to be judged only by what she says and does, not what she looks like. Its only natural we should want to cover our beauty; Its ordained for us by Allah Subhana Watta'ala. In the Quran. Islam means Peace , and Submission. Submission? But submission to who? you might be asking. Submission to Allah , Lord of the world. He who has created us so perfectly , SubhanAllah. I feel proud to be Muslim. Islam is peace.


  1. Me too. I'm proud being muslimah:) Islam is beautiful :) :)

  2. I agree with you :) Its the best religion in the world!