Saturday, 17 March 2012


Eh! Whats going on? This is so confusing! Somebody find the light switch... Ah , yes thats better. Darkness before. Its Lighter now! Lol :) I love to write, either in my journal , on my blog or my story ( FOLLOW ARDACEOUS ). I have the plot laid out even more clearly now ,Im gonna write it all down now! Lol Im looking fowards to that. Writing is just very exciting, I absolutely love it. I also love reading the Holy Quran-my fave book ever. I also love books on Islam etc. Aside from that my fav book on the non-Islam bookshelf is  Jane Eyre. Damn do I love that book , teehee! The Bronte Sisters are my fav authours. Then Jane Austen. Then JK Rowling-Coz I love the Harry Potter books. After her is Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga-whose books im reading ryt now. Finally its Sarah Dessen. Her books are very unusual and interesting.
This is a picture of the Bronte Sisters, by their brother Patrick Branwell. People could paint very well in those days , eh?

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