Sunday, 18 March 2012

This is Random.

Hiya Every1 , Im jst bored so I d thought Id do a blog post. Because writing cheers me up. I feel like I really am living up to the title daydreamer, coz I love to daydream 'bout many things , anything and everything! Ryt now Im thinking about Going On Umrah! Thatd be well exciting. Y'know , coming back sinless, staying in a luxury hotel (INSH'ALLAH!) doing the prayers and umra rituals and everything. 
  Alhamdulilah Im back , is what my sister said just now. And thats sucha cute lil blog! Oh hey , thanks sis! I give yu my JazakALLAHkhaires! Shes praying Asar now.
  Recently I found some other muslim bloggers, and its exciting! Im following them, and one of them is on youtube-Aalia. Just type in alz786uk and she will come up! Shes a Hijabi , and her blog is Hijabi With Style.
 Argh! You know whats annoying me ryt now? A neighbour is playing such loud music next door! Argh, I wish hed shut the music! He plays it proper loud as well!

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